Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Divine comedy

Sport is looked at with a jaundiced eye by many on the alt-right, being correctly seen as a component of the panem et circenses deployed by the NWO globalists to distract and neutralise the White masses. They've also found it a boon (whoops!) in that it showcases the only activities where blacks can equal Whites. (See shiksas, dark meat good for breeding!). But there was a time when sport embodied blood and soil, nationalism and local pride. The local football team was made up of local men and this form of rootedness spread up to regional and national level. Which was why it had to be destroyed.  In those days the very idea of a black on a European national team would have been sacrilegious. Now various forms of mystery meat predominate in the "national" teams of England, France, Holland and Belgium (others are headed the same way) while club sides have lost all connection with their localities.

The money and effort expended on this project by the globalists have been astounding. But they're not satisfied with displacing White men with coloured men. No, they want da wimminz in the game as well. We're all equal after all. Hence the relentless propagandising of women's sports and the shoehorning of women into every last male sporting preserve. Even rugby, that most manly of sports is now infested with a plethora of airheads spouting their vacuous nonsense while useless women's competitions are forced down the TV audience's throat. This particular development is making me incandescent with rage I have to tell you.

But out of evil sometimes cometh good. Because now that transgenders have been allowed in women's bathrooms you can hardly keep them out of women's competitions. And given that your sex is now what you proclaim it to be we find that many second-rate male athletes are transforming themselves into first-class women athletes by the simple expedient of declaring themselves women. What prizes and money beckon as even the Olympic Committee have arrangements to cater for trasngenders. So expect a lot more Caster Semenyas. And there's also the little matter of athletic scholarships, approximately 60% of which currently go to women.  Sorry Carol, that free place in college your were hoping for has gone instead to Willamina (known to his parents as Bill).

Libtard lunacy has come full circle to bite them in their smug asses. They're in an exquisite bind. If they side with transgenders, they discriminate against women who were born women. If they side with women who were born women the discriminate against transgenders. Meanwhile as sexual dimorphism becomes the crime du jour the number of gender identities increases daily as every freak imaginable makes its claim for unique identity. Sort that lot out, ladies!  If they don't (and they won't) the trannies will destroy women's sports.

Pass the popcorn!

Sunday, 26 March 2017

The Fake News Galacticos

Have you read about the horrific civilian death toll from a US air strike on Mosul? It seems that at least 240 have been dragged from the rubble so far. If you have not heard about don't be surprised. Because it received little or no attention from the MSM - at least until RT gave it the prominence it merited. And if they did report on it? Well you'll learn that "dozens" were killed by "Coalition forces". Well, twenty dozen to be precise. You'll note that it's always "American forces" when the results are good, "Coalition forces" when it goes horribly wrong. Must keep the Great American Public behind the Greater Israel project you see.

I hardly need point out that the media now playing down this catastrophe are the same ones who freaked out at the supposed brutality of Syrian and Russian forces when retaking Aleppo. Hardly a day went by without banner headlines, emotional news anchors and a plethora of so-called experts urging 'humanitarian assistance to the civilian population'. I.e. war with Russia. Remember that dying girl reporting from a bombed-out shelter, nonetheless providing detailed casualty figures with professional-level production facilities? Day after day miraculously surviving even as evil Putin and his murderous troops indiscriminately slaughtered the civilians? Whatever happened to her?

And according to RIA Novosti, Americans and Saudis have agreed to transfer 9,000 ISIS jihadis to Syria in order to prolong the conflict there. All we're short now is that vile Blair creature interjecting himself to capitalise on the misery that he had such a major part in causing.

We can be thankful for that much I suppose.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

London attacks: Your Mayor speaks

A statement from Sadiq Khan, the Right Honourable Mayor of London .

"We sympathise with the kuffars who got whacked today but the important thing now is to avoid Islamophobia. This is necessary because many bigoted Little Englanders will blame Islam for the attacks. In fact most Muslims see them as unnecessary, believing as I do that we can take over the country the same way we took over its capital - by out-breeding the native population.

In any event the attackers are Misunderstanders of Islam, which as we all know is the Religion Of Peace. Perhaps they misunderstood Qur’an 2:191 which says "Slay the unbelievers wherever you find them.”  However eminent Islamic scholars have concluded that what the Prophet (pbuh) really meant here was " Do not slay the unbelievers wherever you find them.” Same with Qur’an 9:123 “Make war on the infidels living in your neighborhood”. This should be understood to mean “Do not make war on the infidels living in your neighborhood”.

How much clearer can it be?

Accordingly I call for an ecumenical ceremony full of meaningless platitudes, to be followed by a candle-lit vigil by an army of deluded hand-holding White liberals. Hopefully the whole thing will then disappear down the memory hole, inshallah.

Meanwhile I'm off to Heathrow to welcome a new constituent from Pakistan, together with his eight wives and sixty children.


Monday, 20 March 2017

Ah, the memories...

Must be close to twenty years since I got my first real exposure to sub-Saharan Africa. I was part of a team visiting Nigeria on a mission from the World Bank. On the way to our hotel in downtown Lagos we encountered the standard African practice of sleeping al fresco, in all kinds of places and in all kinds of positions. But one guy surprised us, resting just off the main highway, limbs in strange positions, head thrown back. 'What a place to sleep' I observed. 'No sah' retorted the driver, 'he dead. Hit by truck'.  And so he was, as we discovered for ourselves as our vehicle edged closer. Nobody took any notice. My introduction to Africa.

I was reminded of this when reading an article in the current London Review Of Books (print edition). It showed things had not changed much since my first visit. "The road into town is lined with ramshackle shops, pedestrians thread through the traffic carrying cheap plastic goods for sale. Everywhere, derelict buildings and half completed bits of infrastructure tell the same story: huge sums of money paid out by oil companies for community and social responsibility are being misused".  Iow disappearing into local politicians' Swiss bank accounts.

Ah, I remember it well.

And the security, that too. "We were picked up at the airport by an in-house security team. Immediately in from and behind of our vehicle two pick-up trucks of heavily-armed police escort us through the chaotic traffic. We are left through our base security barrier by more armed guards."  Before starting my initial visit we were warned to keep our laptops (very valuable in those days) with us at all times. Even when sleeping and going to the bathroom. Yet within a week all four devices had been stolen.

The rest of the LRB article details the all-pervasive corruption and incompetence that overlay every attempt at undertaking normal business. The author (trying to investigate a case of fraud) is eventually told by his local company man that the police would undertake an honest investigation only if offered a substantial bribe. He didn't know whether to laugh or cry and eventually gave up all hope of completing his project.

Poverty, violence, squalor, endemic corruption and distrust at every level of society. A dreadful country by any objective standard. And yet, as one of the world's largest oil producers it could and should be Switzerland on the Equator. It is not so because of the Nigerian people. As somebody said, if you transfer all the Nigerians to Japan and all the Japanese to Nigeria within a generation Nigeria would become today's Japan and vice versa. And as Plato observed over 2,000 years ago 'this City is what it is because our citizens are what they are.'

A large and rapidly growing number of "Irish" "citizens" today are of Nigerian origin. In their own proud way they're making Ireland a little bit more like Nigeria. 

Thanks, (((nation-wreckers))).

Thursday, 16 March 2017


Reading an article by this odious Irish political reject underlined how libtards like to project themselves as brave and anti-establishment when in fact today they are the establishment. There's nothing brave these days in coming out as gay or in savaging the Church's mangy carcass. Fifty years ago it would have been. But back then O'Riordan would have been the head altar-boy ratting out pupils he saw smoking behind the shed.

On reflection the whole libtard (and please use that word - it infuriates them) Weltanschauung is a farrago of lies, hypocrisy and contradictions.

To wit:

They promote diversity yet the 'logic' of their race-mixing agenda means that all races will eventually merge into a coffee-coloured hybrid with all diversity lost.

They promote women's 'rights' (e.g. full-term abortions, no-fault divorce) while advocating mass Muslim immigration and defending misogynistic Islamic practices.

They promote 'free speech' while closing down non-conformist views through legislation and physical oppression.

They claim to stand for the working class but depress wages by promoting immigration of unskilled immigrants.

They claim to support the environment yet regard attempts to limit the Third World's explosive population growth as Western Imperialism.

They claim genetics don’t matter but demand sperm from high IQ donors when their shrivelled ovaries can no longer produce.
They claim to be generous and giving whereas numerous studies (and my personal experience) have shown conservatives contribute more to charity.

They want to remove guns from Whites living in dangerous neighbourhoods but think it's fine for celebrities and wealthy 'liberals' to be protected by armed guards.

They proclaim that everyone should be proud of his or her race, culture and sexual orientation. Unless you're a straight White male. In which case you're guilty of a hate crime.

And that's the whole point: That everything about them can be explained by their hostility to Whites, especially straight White men.

The best of 'liberals' are delusional fantasists, while the worst - the majority - are self-loathing virtue pimps, bullies and hypocrites who will eventually succumb to their self-annihilating ideologies.

Can't happen soon enough.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Altering our brain chemistry

Since my time working in Muslim countries I've always suspected that endless brainwashing and indoctrination can actually alter the chemistry of the brain. The sensory stimuli (hearing, seeing etc.) generate electrical impulses which find their way to the brain. Here the millions of neural pathways (tracts) transport the data at the speed of light to the appropriate area(s) of the brain for processing. As I understand it these pathways are embedded early in life but can be modified later. For example the fear of dogs can become hard-wired in some people's brains from an early age but can subsequently be overcome.

I mentioned Muslims because it seemed to me that their brains quite literally would not process certain unpalatable inputs. And I'm not just talking about ignorant peasants here I'm thinking specifically about a number of highly qualified technologists with genuine PhDs from top Western universities. These were clever and able guys. But they proved incapable of handling a question such as 'do you really believe that Mohammed got onto his horse and flew up in the sky to negotiate with Allah?' I tell you that they went into melt-down. Not as in slitting my throat, more along the lines of a mental breakdown. It was an extraordinary experience.

What brings this to mind was a recent meeting with three Germans who were visiting my town. We got into discussion and I eventually brought the conversation around to Hitler, WW II and the Holocau$t™. I presented them with overwhelming evidence (if you're interested see The Holocau$t™ tag under 'Topics' on this blog's Home Page) of the mammoth fraud which had been perpetrated on the German people. Yet it was all for nought. Their brains simply could not process the data, the required neural tracts ossified and darkened as the tendentious ones bloomed and blossomed.

Hard to now what they said among themselves when we parted.  But I'm not optimistic.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

"I love myself. So I must be good"

If you read the links on previous posts you'll find  'a lack of self-esteem' adduced as one of the main explanations for low black SAT scores. This is ridiculous on any number of counts, most obviously by avoiding the IQ elephant in the room. But where do they get the idea that blacks have low self-esteem? In fact the contrary is the case, especially for the younger cohort for whom a preening swaggering bravado, totally unrelated to actual capabilities, is standard behaviour. And that's not just my impression.

It's also claimed - insanely - that this low self-esteem derives from 'the negative portrayal of blacks in the media'. Would that be the same media that uses every available ploy to cover up black crime and misbehaviour, that shoehorns admirable and totally unrepresentative blacks into every film and advertisement? You know, those brilliant doctors, judges, scientists and educators, sensitive and caring, driven by family values, an unrelenting thirst for justice and a better society. 

And what happens when their unfounded self-esteem collides with life's realities? When low intelligence, poor self-discipline and lack of application result in a life of failure? Well self-evidently it can't be their fault. So what else can it be other than racism or the legacy of slavery? 

Why have self-esteem and self-love come to be definitively Good Things? Could the concept be another weapon deployed by the (((nation-wreckers)))? I ask because it flies directly in the face of the fundamental Christian message which teaches that happiness derives from loving others and being a good person. And what happens when a young sociopath develops self-esteem and is taught to love himself?  He'll conclude that his disregard for others, his anti-social behaviour and criminal instincts are just fine. That's the way he is and he loves himself.  So why try to change?

Maybe it's a part of The Plan or maybe it's not. Either way the self-esteem program fits beautifully into the nation-wrecking agenda.