Wednesday, 28 September 2016

An Irish Wunderkind

Today I bring you joyous tidings because Ireland can now boast of a new Wonderboy. I refer to Ibrahim Halawa, an Irish child (that's what the media call him) imprisoned in Egypt for no reason at all. His father (head of the Muslim Brotherhood in Ireland) sent him for a holiday in Egypt at the time of the army's ouster of Morsi. There he innocently walked into a mosque where it just so happened they were planning a violent counter-revolution and where on a whim he decided to publicly tear up his Irish passport while calling for the imposition of Allah's law ..... you know what kids are like. But for some reason the Egyptian police threw him in jail wherein he continues to languish to this day. This despite the frantic efforts of the Irish Government and an army of supporters here.

Now Ibrahim (though born in Egypt 'he's as Irish as any of the rest of us' according to Dublin Archbishop Diarmuid Martin) has issued an appeal (see picture) to his fellow Irishmen. In case your average Irishman might struggle with that he also sent a message in (kind of) English. "Today has finally come, my graduation day, The day i have longed for. The day my parents invested their whole lives in to see me reach.....
kidnapped me from life to teach me the principles of really life" Now were I a nasty sort I would retort that you'd not graduate from an Irish college with English like that, you goat-fucking jihadi sand-nigger.  But instead I'll accentuate the positive. And boy are there positives! Miracles in fact.

First he's been on hunger strike for well over a year, beating the previous record (according to Wikipedia) by several months. Not only surviving but looking hale and hearty!

Then there's his ability to grow a full head of hair and a beard overnight!  Yes, Ibrahim told the media that the brutal police shave his head and beard every day. Yet as you can see they've miraculously regrown within hours.

And look at his hands. Don't they look just fine? Yet apparently the police not so long ago pumped bullets into them and for good measure crushed them with concrete blocks. And did you know he had all his teeth knocked out? Yes, but as you can see they've miraculously regrown.

Now here's the most amazing fact of all. In his message he tells us that his sleeping area is a mere 35 square centimetres. That's less than six square inches, for fuck sake. How cruel is that!

Yet he survives and indeed thrives. 

Truly Allah is akbar.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

The battle is joined

The NWO globalists have been losing their grip on The Narrative for quite some time now and we can largely thank the internet for this happy state of affairs. The only problem is that the enemy controls the whole internet infrastructure, every single layer, from the hardware backbone right up to the search algorithms and the metadata which they rely on. And now the enemy is regoruping and fighting back. An unholy alliance of transnational organisations and relevant (((tech companies))) is working to block all manifestations of Web-based ThoughtCrime.

“The internet is a place for free speech, not hate speech,” says Vera Jourova, the EU Commissioner responsible for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality (yugh). She added that the code of conduct will ensure that public incitement to violence to hatred has “no place online.” The real objective here is to enforce existing EU "anti-hate" legislation on the pesky Internet Wild West. There are two main components. The first is to block expressions of ThoughtCrime. Towards this end the companies have made a massive investment not only in algorithms which seek out and erase offending terms and also in complex and immensely powerful artificial intelligence programs capable of subtly analysing the context of on-line opinion.

As an aside I understand that Google are now taking measures to seek out and ban the (((code))) which exposes Jewish identity. The symbol has been described as a secret signal because punctuation does not show up in ordinary web searches. Which of course was why it was deployed in the first place. But the interesting thing is that Google claim the symbol, and I quote, 'breaks our hate speech rules'. So identifying someone as Jewish in itself represents 'hate speech'? Amazing. But you can see where they're coming from. Because if Jewish identity was openly highlighted their massive and scandalous over-representation at the commanding heights of every White country would become obvious to even the most benighted serf.

The second prong of attack is directed at Internet anonymity. If successful this would negate one of the Alt-Right's most powerful weapons. And the NWO globalists know this. Again the EU role is central with its plan to monitor everything Europeans do on-line by having all their Internet activities linked to a proposed unified government ID. This would annihilate on-line anonymity and enable the tentacles of the Leviathonn to penetrate every home. It's Big Brother redux, where Orwellianism flourishes like fungus in the darkness of the forest. 

And to copper-fasten the Orwellian nightmare we now have the "YouTube Heroes" program. In an eerie echo of Stalin's Children informing on their parents' the YouTube army of  "Heroes" will henceforth render the platform a kill zone for unsanctified opinions. (If you clicked on the link you'll have noticed that comments have been closed. This is because they had been running about 8:1 against the project before closure.)

The foregoing is but a very high-level summary of the globalistas' plans to disempower us. My belief is that the battle will ebb and flow, for every restriction imposed brilliant minds among us will develop a counter-measure, which will in turn be countered and so on. My considered belief is that the censors will steadily lose out. It's already happening with the MSM wherein the dichotomy between editorial/reporting content and reader comments (even when heavily censored) grows starker by the day.

Ah, the sweet smell of the piss in their pants as they realise the game is up is like balsam to me.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Da Black Hist'ry Museum

I see they're opening a new  Museum of African American History and Culture In Washington. Apparently it 'confronts US slavery history while highlighting African American culture'. Just what's needed. Why didn't someone think of this before now?   

'Highlights include the dress Rosa Parks was sewing before she was arrested for refusing to give up her seat on a segregated bus, abolitionist Harriet Tubman's hymn book, a $600 bill of sale for a teenage girl called Polly, and the coffin of Emmett Till, a teenager whose brutal murder in Mississippi in 1955 mobilised the Civil Rights Movement.'

I was disappointed though to learn that they have only 3,000 artifacts (compared for example to the Smithsonian's 145 million) so in the spirit of racial harmony I offer the following proposed additons for consideration.

* A functioning crack cocaine lab

* All of President Obama's birth certificates, arranged in chronological order

* A replica of the McDonalds outlet where the Reverend Jesse Jackson used to spit into the burgers he served to White people.

* The Rev. Martin Luther King Love Wall, featuring all of his favourite White prostitutes with photos, autographs, bruises.....

* Multimedia animation tracing Michael Jackson's fascinating transition from poor black boy to rich white woman

* A life-size statue of Shaquinta Chantelle - the only woman to have 18 children by 18 different men

* A celebration of the life of Emmet Till's father, up to and including his hanging for multiple rapes and murders

* A giant (6'x4') 5 dollar bill representing the largest tip given by a group of black diners  in recorded history (Akron Ohio, 2011)

* A tribute to the brilliant Lamar Robertson, the first black cryptologist to crack a mobile phone PIN number

* An audio copy of Archibald Carey Jr.'s 1952 address at the Republican Convention which Martin Luther King plagiarised for his 'I Have A Dream' speech.

What do you think? 

If I may say so I feel that these artifacts would greatly enhance the experience and provide the kind of rich insight into African American culture that we all so earnestly desire. Any additions from the fertile minds of this blog's readers will be gratefully passed on to the relevant authorities at da museam.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Miss Sharapova checks her White Privelege

I see the 'Russian hackers' continue to do the Lord's work. In their latest coup they hacked the databases of WADA, discovering that the Williams brothers were taking performance-enhancing drugs. Now in one sense this is a bit like discovering the sun rises in the east, given that their looks and behaviour have always shrieked 'roid!'.  (In fact there's evidence here that Serena is actually a man.)  But bear in mind that up to now they've been held up as clean-living role models, celebrated for their athleticism and 'beauty', a credit to hood rats everywhere. And they're trying to maintain that illusion on the basis of their having permission from WADA to take the roids for 'medical reasons'.

So you might ask how the case of Maria Sharapova (suspended for two years, effectively ending her career, for taking a far less powerful drug) is different? Aha..... you see she had not had permission from WADA, unlike the Williams brothers. Completely different, innit? Well no actually, it's hardly different at all. The simple fact is, or should be, that taking performance-enhancing drugs, even when approved by the utterly corrupt WADA, should disqualify the athlete from competing while under their influence. Otherwise, self-evidently, they're gaining a competitive advantage. Which is the whole point of the ban, for Chrissake.

But Maria was on a losing wicket (if I may mix my metaphors) from day one. First she's White, very White, pale skin and blonds hair, while the Williams brothers are black, very black.  But even worse Maria is Russian. A White Russian.  No wonder they hate her.

And speaking of transgenders, take a look at the picture of the "academic" who got Dr. Tim Hunt fired for his sexist remarks at a conference in Korea. Yes, this creature is apparently a female. WTF? It's all enough to unhinge a normal person from his biological moorings. Yet I was still stunned to read subsequently that Alex Jones is pregnant. What the hell I asked myself?? AJ, of all people? 

But some semblance of order was restored when I began to read the article. Whew!

Saturday, 17 September 2016


The headline would be along the lines of Slut Catches Herpes, Publicises It On Internet, Shocked When Not Everyone Approves. Ella Dawson on Twatter: "Here's my long overdue essay on how the Alt-Right made me their favourite feminist plaything until I had a breakdown."  Yes, it seems the Alt-Right were to blame for her breakdown, and if true I see it as yet another sign of our growing power. Now you might demur, is driving a young woman to a breakdown (whatever that might be) something to boast about?

Well here's the Chateau Heartiste take "as a strong, empowered, and vaginally adventurous woman in The Current Year, she is very proud of having contracted a sexually transmitted disease, so proud that she wants everyone else to pat her on the back for fucking a battalion of dirty-dicked jerkboys (probably half of them black). "  So no sympathy from me.

She strongly objects to the stigma surrounding the disease and "feared she could never enjoy intimate relationships again". And that, you stupid, entitled, self-obsessed airhead is exactly why the disease carries a stigma. It's the same reason why those infected with ebola or leprosy carry 'carry a stigma' and why any reasonable person would have reservations about entering an intimate relationship with them. The distinction here of course is that the vast majority of these victims did not become infected through reckless joy-seeking behaviour.

But maybe there are some grounds for understanding. Everywhere her dizzy little head turned she'd have seen faggots 'coming out' to thunderous applause for their 'courage'. Should they claim to be 'proud' of their deviation (i.e. proud of taking it up the ass from other men) the applause reaches a crescendo. And that's probably why she wrote an essay for Women's Health entitled "Why I love telling people I have herpes". Yup, she actually wrote that.  And she said they react with "respect".  Unfortunately when she posted it on-line the (shudder) Alt-Right got hold of it and had a somewhat different response. Example: “Get a real problem, and don’t make such terrible life choices, you disgusting slut."

Oh dear.

And talking about disgusting sluts, somehow the Hildabeast got wind of the story, entering the fray with a ringing endorsement and a passionate plea against stigmatising the disease. IOW you go grrrrl and fuck all you want, nothing to worry about. Er, apart from catching herpes that is. Now this undoubtedly helps her lock up the untouchable-pox-ridden-slut vote but that's about it. She's played into the hands of those waverers who see her and Bill as epitomising the Last Days Of Rome degeneracy destroying their country. All of which says to me that she's losing her touch and is capable of totally self-destructing in the right circumstances.

Sympathy? Look in the dictionary between shit and syphilis. 

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Happy parasites, willing hosts

Irish readers will be aware that our current Government faces the risk of collapse as various stakeholders squabble for their share of taxpayer loot. In fairness in most cases there's not a lot of money involved, a few million here, a few million there. Right now teams of eagle-eyed analysts forensically examine every Departmental budget and, to the accompaniment of squeals of anguish, try to squeeze out a few bob from somewhere. Anywhere. Nobody escapes.

Actually I'm wrong there because one budget is sacrosanct - that of foreign aid. Yes indeed, disabled kids must go without special needs assistants, elderly citizens spend years in agony as they wait for joint replacements, vital infrastructure projects are deferred but bicycles for Uganda's police (all stolen within weeks), $1500 flag-poles and swimming-pool maintenance for African despots get lavishly and unquestioningly funded. Not surprising really given that tiny Ireland forks out nearly €700 million annually for such necessities so there's plenty to go around.

Why do politicians, the people whom we assume value nothing other than their own careers, not spend on their own voters  instead of foreigners who'll never vote for them? A good question. And Ireland is not unique - most Western countries waste donate a similar proportion of their precious resources.

Meanwhile across the pond another massive giveaway has been agreed. In this case bankrupt America is donating no less than $38 billion to Israel in a ten year deal to be signed over the next few days. That's about $5,000 to every Israeli citizen, each of whom I'm sure is deeply appreciative. I'm also sure the deal requires the Israelis to discontinue stealing and selling on American technology. Congressmen are elected to look after American interests after all....